About: Tom Donahue

Tom is an investigative broadcaster and host of Tom Donahue Reports and TSL Talks. His broadcast mission is to seek the truth, promote liberty and defend freedom. He is not beholden to the established political order, nor bound by its' parties or propaganda. His reports reach beyond the political realm, ​​covering the stories and championing the causes that matter most to him.​ He rationally and factually reports and opines on events without rushing to judgment​​. He covers the political, cultural, monetary, media and health sectors. ​ ​​Tom is an independent thinker, a constitutionalist and a cultural conservative.​​​ His program offers more commentary and less chatter, greater in-depth analysis and featured interviews. He relies on his keen wit, insight and intellect to inform, inspire and raise ones' ire in the digital talk town square. Tom's talents extend beyond the mic, he is the program director for Talk Stream Live and he further works behind the scenes with promotions, public relations, marketing and media consulting. ​Tom earned his BA in Human and Mass Communications from Rutgers University. He is a broadcaster, blogger, researcher, educator, motivational speaker, wellness coach and media consultant.

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