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Third Quarter 2007 


  1  Rush Limbaugh   9.9
  2  Michael Savage   8.1 
  3  Glenn Beck  6.4
  4  Laura Ingraham  4.5
  5  Sean Hannity  4.4
  6  MANCOW  3.6
  7  George Noory  3.0
  8  Dennis Miller  2.9
  9  Neal Boortz  2.2
10  Bill O’Reilly  1.8
11  Dr. Laura  1.6
12  Mark Levin  1.2
13  Bill Bennett  1.2
14  The Right Perspective  0.9
15  Dr. Joy Brown  0.8
16  Michael Medved  0.8
17  Jerry Doyle  0.8
18  Dave Ramsey  0.7
19  G. Gordon Liddy  0.7
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.6
21  Dennis Prager 0.6
22  Randi Rhodes  0.6
23  Art Bell  0.6
24  Tammy Bruce  0.6
25  Bill Handel  0.6

Survey Period:  7/1/2007 – 9/30/2007 (July, August & September)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 60,548
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


Permission granted to re-publish this report.

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Smartphone  We have a new feature that enables you to take TalkStreamLive with you where ever you go.

Most mornings I make a cup of coffee and click on a few talk shows while I check my email. My listening patterns are routine. I start with Bill Bennett and Quinn and Rose to find out what’s going on.   After reassurance that most things are in order, I click on Mancow.  By this time it’s time to go to work.

Now, even though I reside in the largest media market in the world, these shows are unavailable to me locally.  I find myself wanting to continue listening and lingering around my notebook when I should be on my way…

An idea is born:

We developed a mobi page called TalkStreamLive.mobi that is optimized to fit on your cell phone or PDA.  Now I can continue listening to my choice of talk radio programming on my way to work –or whenever I’m on the go… and so can you, with a few upgrades.

 Your cell phone or handheld device will need to have Windows mobile software. I bought the Motorola Q Smartphone. In addition to your voice plan, you will need a data plan (about $40). Check with your cell phone provider for capabilities options and costs. Streaming radio does not require too much bandwith, but it does run the phone’s battery. I plug in during my commute and have not had any issues during the rest of the day.

Having easy access to Talk Radio on my cell phone is a joy.  Give it a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!




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