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Special broadcast with Phil Berg on Overnight AM today (Nov 2, 2008).  I’m normally off on Saturdays and Sundays, but the election is right around the corner and the Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network is working overtime to get the facts out about Barack Obama and the peoples fight to learn and digest the truth about Barack Obama’s assault on the United States Constitution.    Special appearance by Comedian Evan Sayet, founder of the Right To Laugh.  Don’t miss this show.   Air time will be amended to the website later today.  If you miss it, don’t worry.  It will be running for the rest of today and all next week on the Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network. – Listen Live Here

Brought to you by Families of Fallen Heroes – Make a donation today to help the families of our country’s killed in action & wounded heros.

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TONIGHT 10/3 at 10pm ET
Ed Martin, President of The American Issues Project, will be on

The Right Perspective

With/ Frank of Queens and John from Staten Island

to talk about the connection between

Barack Hussein Obama and terrorist Bill Ayers!

Here’s a link to their controversial ad:

Link to AIP website:

Tune in The Right Perspective TONIGHT 10pm ET at www.TalkStreamLive.com 

Call in with your questions and perspective at 718.761.9996!

Contact: Newsguy

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Internet radio delivered at close to “studio quality” sound, along with everything else, will be mobile as the notebook computer now fits in the palm of your hand.

The Smartphone is the device that can easily receive quality audio and is the path that Radio will see new growth. It is the radio that fits in your pocket and the phone you can’t be without.

Sales of smartphones are expected to overtake those of laptops in the next 12 to 18 months as the mobile phone completes its transition from voice communications device to multimedia computer.

Internet Radio Convergence is being driven by a combination of software, services and hardware. Here is the full story.

www.TalkStreamLive.mobi is best used on a Windows Mobile Smartphone.


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The 50 most powerful Talk Radio shows on the Internet.  These are the opinion makers — the most influential voices on the political landscape. Ranked by www.TalkStreamLive.com.

1.   Tammy Bruce
2.   Rush Limbaugh
3.   Laura Ingraham
4.   Michael Savage
5.   Glenn Beck
6.   Sean Hannity
7.   Neal Boortz
8.   Dennis Miller
9.   Bill O’Reilly
10. George Noory
11. Mark Levin
13. Michael Medved
14. Dr. Laura
15. Dennis Prager
16. Bill Bennett
17. Monica Crowley
18. IMUS
19. Rusty Humphries
20. Hugh Hewitt
21. Mike Gallagher
22. The Right Perspective
23. Larry Elder
24. Art Bell
25. Alex Jones
26. Overnight AM
27. Dave Ramsey
28. Kim Komando
29. Phil Hendrie
30. John Batchelor
31. Roger Hedgecock
32. Jerry Doyle
33. Adam Carolla
34. Michael Reagan
35. Lars Larson
36. Jay Severin
37. Randi Rhodes
38. Al Rantel
39. Quinn and Rose
40. Larry Kudlow
41. Bill Handel
42. Walton and Johnson
43. Paranormal Radio
44. Stephanie Miller
45. Clark Howard
46. Howie Carr
47. Ed Schultz
48. Bill Cunningham
49. Thom Hartmann
50. Robert Scott Bell


Source: TalkStreamLive.com
Date Range last 6 months: ( 1/1/08 to 6/30/08 )
Sample Size: 233,275


Talk Stream Live™ 
www.TalkStreamLive.mobi (Designed for Windows Mobile Smartphones)

Contact: contactsl@gmail.com

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Dwight Schultz, host of Howling Mad Radio, will air tonight ( May 25, 2008 ) at 10:00 PM EST time on the Hollow FX Talk Radio Network. This new program will be re-broadcasted during this week on the live Internet stream provided by Hollow FX Talk Radio Network and Lamp Here Productions.

You can listen here. www.TalkStreamLive.com

You can also listen in your car or from anywhere via your Windows Mobile smartphone with http://www.TalkStreamLive.mobi.

Overnight AM will follow at it’s normal time ( live) with Lan Lamphere, followed up by Don Ecker’s Dark Matters Radio

Howling Mad Radio is brought exclusively to you by: www.PreparedPlanet.Com, www.WaterFilterUSA.Com and www.SaveYourLifeUSA.Com

Thanks for listening.

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Score another win for Talk Stream Live.  We just added “Overnight AM” to the list!  Hosted by Lan Lamphere, this eclectic mix of UFO, paranormal and politics delivers solid talk radio “live” to you each night.  If you like Coast to Cost AM — and we know you do,  you are going to love “Overnight AM.”  Lan’s takes-no-prisoners style propels late night radio in a whole new direction.  And by the way, I have an hour long interview tonight and got to spar a bit with this Talk Radio black belt discussing the future of Talk Radio on the Internet.   Of course I also mentioned how you can listen to Internet radio in your car through Windows mobile smartphones.  And now you can listen to “Overnight AM” from anywhere on TalkStreamLive.mobi.  Yes, I have a UFO story but did not have enough time to bring that up — Lan was under seige from studio gremlins during the interview — maybe next time.

Tune into “Overnight AM” tonight and every night right here on TalkStreamLive.com

“Overnight AM” is a Talk Show from the Hollow FX Radio Network.

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RadioFalling stock prices of Radio consolidators makes it look like Radio is dying — it’s not.  What is dying is the current business and analog distribution model of radio. The good news is – is that this won’t kill off Radio.  Radio is resilient, adaptable and eternal.  The next generation of Radio will thrive on the Internet and also mobile Internet enabled cell phones. The cell phone is the only entertainment device you really want to carry.  And with the advent of Wi-Max and or Wi-Fi connections accessing the Internet from anywhere will be cheap if not free.  Links to Radio will be in most cell phones — unlimited Internet Radio. 

ABI Research sees this segment of the mobile browser market accounting for the vast majority of growth over the next five years, as the open-Internet browser (OIB) segment for mobile grows from 76 million in 2007 to nearly 700 million browsers delivered in 2013



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