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Fourth Quarter 2012

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1 Rush Limbaugh 12.5
2 Michael Savage  8.8
3 Glenn Beck  8.7
4 Laura Ingraham  6.4
5 Mark Levin  5.3
6 Tammy Bruce  4.9
7 Sean Hannity  4.8
8 Dennis Miller  3.5
9 George Noory  2.3
10 Bill Bennett  2.0
11 Neal Boortz   1.7
12 Michael Medved  1.7
13 John Batchelor  1.4
14 Red Eye Radio  1.2
15 Alex Jones  1.2
16 Hugh Hewitt  1.2
17 Dennis Prager  1.1
18 Monica Crowley  1.0
19 IMUS  0.8
20 The Dana Show  0.8
21 John Gibson  0.7
22 Quinn and Rose  0.6
23 Larry Kudlow  0.6
24 Mike Gallagher  0.5
25 Dave Ramsey  0.5

Editor’s note: Rush is #1, followed by Savage, Beck, Laura and Mark Levin moves up to fifth place. TSL listenership increased in the Fourth Quarter primarily due to the major topics being discussed on talk radio: The Presidential Election, Hurricane Sandy, the Mayan end of the world, fiscal cliff and Newtown CT – the most horrific and senseless slaughter of our time. Impacting the talk radio landscape further was Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham, two top talk shows that were on hiatus while changing networks to some degree offsetting their 4th Q ranking.

Survey Period: ( 10/01/2012 – 12/31/2012 )

Sample Size: 851,212 listener sessions

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

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