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TSL on the iPhone
Take LIVE internet talk radio with you anywhere, anytime.
“Mobile Talk Radio” is LIVE internet TALK RADIO, powered by Talk Stream Live™ and works with your 3G or Wi Fi service.  “Mobile Talk Radio” eliminates any need to search for your favorite talk radio host. Talk Radio shows appear automatically on your iPhone whenever they are broadcasting live.  Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or just out for a walk, you can now take internet Talk Radio with you – its right in your pocket!
Talk Stream Live™ is a dynamic directory of the most popular Talk Radio shows that are streaming “live” on the internet.  Most programming originates from the US;  but you will also find talk shows from around the globe.  With hundreds of talk shows to choose from, you’ll not only find your favorites you’ll also discover some new ones.  Shows are continuously ranked by listeners and the most popular rise to the top of the list.
Key Features:
User friendly; easy to navigate display.
Clutter Free design
Professionally curated list of talk shows
Shows appear in a hierarchical list — ranked by you — not Program Directors
Switching from show to show is easy
Clear Graphics includes host photos
Show List refreshes continuously with new live programs
Basic Audio Controls – makes it simple to operate
Shake feature will play a random show if you are overwhelmed with choice
Carousel format of list displays when device is turned on its side

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