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Online Radio Reaches 33 Million Americans Per Week

This up from 29 million listeners a year ago represents a 14% increase.  Terrestrial and Satellite radio combined don’t have near this growth rate.

There is also a strong connection between online radio listening and social networking sites according to the study.

Social sites and forums are rich with recommendations of Internet radio stations. Being just one click away from streaming makes it easy for people to discover new music.   

With the advent of wimax and wifi chips enabling “new radio” to get into cars, watch this number double a few more times.

It just proves that radio always was and will continue to be a natural companion when you are doing something else – driving, surfing or socializing on the Internet. 


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Program/Audience (Millions)

  1  Rush Limbaugh   20.8
  2  Michael Savage   17.0 
  3  Glenn Beck  13.4
  4  Laura Ingraham  9.4
  5  Sean Hannity  9.2  
  6  MANCOW  7.5
  7  George Noory  6.3
  8  Dennis Miller  6.1
  9  Neal Boortz  3.8
10  Bill O’Reilly  3.8

Survey Period:  7/1/2007 – 9/30/2007 (July, August & September)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 60,548
Adults 18+

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

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Third Quarter 2007 


  1  Rush Limbaugh   9.9
  2  Michael Savage   8.1 
  3  Glenn Beck  6.4
  4  Laura Ingraham  4.5
  5  Sean Hannity  4.4
  6  MANCOW  3.6
  7  George Noory  3.0
  8  Dennis Miller  2.9
  9  Neal Boortz  2.2
10  Bill O’Reilly  1.8
11  Dr. Laura  1.6
12  Mark Levin  1.2
13  Bill Bennett  1.2
14  The Right Perspective  0.9
15  Dr. Joy Brown  0.8
16  Michael Medved  0.8
17  Jerry Doyle  0.8
18  Dave Ramsey  0.7
19  G. Gordon Liddy  0.7
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.6
21  Dennis Prager 0.6
22  Randi Rhodes  0.6
23  Art Bell  0.6
24  Tammy Bruce  0.6
25  Bill Handel  0.6

Survey Period:  7/1/2007 – 9/30/2007 (July, August & September)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 60,548
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


Permission granted to re-publish this report.

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Without breaking a sweat, Michael Savage squarely lands a surprise full share and a half wallop knocking Glenn Beck to 3rd place. This summer fight has been somewhat entertaining and now it’s officially over.

Michael Savage retains his ranking as the 2nd most listened to Talk Radio host on the Internet.

We are tracking 1,145 streaming Talk Radio shows and programs. 


Dennis Miller is mixing it up with George Noory for 7th place.  Developing.*



  1  Rush Limbaugh   10.7
  2  Michael Savage   7.9  
  3  Glenn Beck  6.6
  4  Sean Hannity  5.1
  5  Laura Ingraham  4.2
  6  MANCOW  3.7
  7  George Noory  3.0
  8  Dennis Miller  3.0
  9  Neal Boortz  2.4
10  Bill O’Reilly  1.9
11  Dr. Laura  1.8
12  Mark Levin  1.4
13  Bill Bennett  1.3
14  The Right Perspective  1.1
15  Jerry Doyle  1.0
16  G. Gordon Liddy  0.9
17  Tammy Bruce  0.8
18  Michael Medved  0.7
19  Dr. Joy Brown  0.7
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.7
21  Dave Ramsey  0.6
22  Art Bell  0.6
23  Bill Handel  0.6
24  Dennis Prager 0.5
25  Randi Rhodes  0.5

Survey Period:  6/1/2007 – 8/31/2007 (June, July & August)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 56,016
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


Go ahead re-publish this – please link or mention the source: TalkStreamLive.com

* Borrowed from Matt Drudge. 😉 

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The Streaming Talk Radio Report from TalkStreamLive.com tracks the top 25 Talk Shows that are streaming on the Internet.

The report is published every month and passively tracks listening habits over the previous three month period. Talk Shows are ranked by popularity and an audience share rating is determined.

We only track “unique page views” –only clicks that are generated by the same user during the same session. (For obvious reasons this report discards multiple clicks by users to the same Talk Show).

Top 10 Talk Radio Audiences
The audience projection is produced using US adult 18+ censes figures that are adjusted for radio listenership and share percentages from the TalkStreamLive.com Internet Talk Radio Reports.

Frees Media is a media buying service in business for over ten years. We specialize in Radio, TV and Outdoor advertising as well as Audio streaming advertising on the Internet. Call us for Store Support and new product launches. 

We hope you benifit by our reasearch.

Contact: bfrees@gmail.com

Phone: 973-564-7200

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Smartphone  We have a new feature that enables you to take TalkStreamLive with you where ever you go.

Most mornings I make a cup of coffee and click on a few talk shows while I check my email. My listening patterns are routine. I start with Bill Bennett and Quinn and Rose to find out what’s going on.   After reassurance that most things are in order, I click on Mancow.  By this time it’s time to go to work.

Now, even though I reside in the largest media market in the world, these shows are unavailable to me locally.  I find myself wanting to continue listening and lingering around my notebook when I should be on my way…

An idea is born:

We developed a mobi page called TalkStreamLive.mobi that is optimized to fit on your cell phone or PDA.  Now I can continue listening to my choice of talk radio programming on my way to work –or whenever I’m on the go… and so can you, with a few upgrades.

 Your cell phone or handheld device will need to have Windows mobile software. I bought the Motorola Q Smartphone. In addition to your voice plan, you will need a data plan (about $40). Check with your cell phone provider for capabilities options and costs. Streaming radio does not require too much bandwith, but it does run the phone’s battery. I plug in during my commute and have not had any issues during the rest of the day.

Having easy access to Talk Radio on my cell phone is a joy.  Give it a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!




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Notes from the top ten: Glenn Beck stakes his claim as the #3 ranked Talk Show on the Internet. His move on Sean Hannity started in last month’s report. It now looks that he is clearly #3 as he continues to widen the gap by 6 tenths of a share.

Obviously the Becksters won’t be be happy till they replace Michael Savage with Glenn Beck as the #2. And you know that the Savages won’t go down without a fight. The #1 Ditto Heads don’t miss a beat.

P.S. Dennis Miller’s feeble knock at the door ignored by O’Reilly. And, how is it that MANCOW can be heard on only a handful of terrestrials while on-line he is ranked with the big boys & Laura?

Survey Period:  3/1/2007 – 5/30/2007 (March, April & May)


 1   Rush Limbaugh   11.1
 2   Michael Savage   6.6
 3   Glenn Beck  6.0
 4   Sean Hannity  5.4 
 5   MANCOW  5.1
 6   Laura Ingraham  4.8
 7   George Noory  3.3
 8   Neal Boortz  2.7
 9   Dr. Laura  2.4
10  Bill O’Reilly  2.3
11  Dennis Miller  1.4
12  Mark Levin  1.3
13  Adam Carolla  1.3
14  Bill Bennett  1.1
15  G. Gordon Liddy  1.0
16  Jeff Alan Wolf  0.9
17  Jerry Doyle  0.9
18  Michael Medved  0.9
19  Hugh Hewitt  0.9
20  The Right Perspective  0.8
21  Mike Gallagher  0.8
22  Jim Rome  0.8
23  Don Imus  0.8
24  Dr. Joy Brown  0.7
25  Dave Ramsey  0.7

Sample: 55,250 Unique Listeners
Source: TalkStreamLive.com

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From: Research Brief 

Josh Crandall, managing director of Media-Screen, says “Many broadband consumers go online for entertainment, and to talk about entertainment with other fans. Marketers need to leverage that interest…”

“Currently, the proportion of advertising resources devoted to the Internet (about seven percent according to ZenithOptimedia) is nominal relative to the value it generates… among fans… consumers, on a typical weekday, spend more than 40% of their time consuming media online…”

Of the respondents in the Media-Screen study 25% listen to Internet Radio.


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Bridge Ratings: “Internet radio listeners consume their primary media at almost equal levels with terrestrial radio consumption outweighing Internet radio by a few minutes per week.”

Many Internet Radio stations and shows start out with the desire to get noticed in the hope of a Broadcasting career. Some are starting to notice that the they have stopped moving toward the mountain — the mountain is moving to them.


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According to Bridge Ratings, a company that tracks audience on radio and new media, Internet radio and streaming terrestrial radio are growing significantly.

In a recent study they project that by the end of 2008 monthly Internet radio listening will reach 38%, and streaming terrestrial radio will reach 32% of the US population.


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