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  1  Rush Limbaugh   10.2
  2  Michael Savage   6.3
  3  MANCOW  5.3
  4  Laura Ingraham  5.3
  5  Sean Hannity  5.2
  6  George Noory  4.6
  7  Glenn Beck  4.6
  8  Dr. Laura  3.0
  9  Bill O’Reilly  2.8
10  Neal Boortz  2.3
11  Michael Medved  1.4
12  Mark Levin  1.1
13  Bill Bennett  1.1
14  Alex Jones  1.0
15  Don Imus  1.0
16  The Right Perspective  0.9
17  G. Gordon Liddy  0.9
18  Al Franken  0.9
19  Don and Mike  0.7
20  Dennis Prager  0.7
21  Mike and the Mad Dog  0.7
22  Clark Howard  0.7
23  Randi Rohodes  0.6
24  Stephanie Miller  0.6
25  Drudge  0.6

Survey Period:  4th Quarter, 2006 Compiled by Google Analytics  TalkStreamLive

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TalkStreamLive now links to podcasts or “netcasts.”

I was at the second annual Podcast Expo where keynote speaker Leo Leporte told us that most people are confused by the term podcast. “They think that they need an iPod to listen.” The simple fact is that anyone can listen to a podcast show with any mp3 playing device — including a personal computer. The word netcast is a more descriptive term for this cutting edge communications technology.

We know that the uniqueness of these shows are very appealing to our listeners and absolutely enhance the overall listener experience at TalkStreamLive. Netcasts are presented in standard broadcast dayparts together with live broadcast shows. This way they compete head-to-head for the same available audience.

By presenting netcasts in an easy to sample format we are exposing the netcaster to a whole new audience. TalkStreamLive is expanding the netcast market.

If you are the author of a netcast and believe that we should promote your show at no cost to you — feel free to send us an email: ContactTSL@gmail.com

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