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The Jeff Alan Wolf Show is now ranked on TalkStreamLive’s Top 25.

The show’s popularity has steadily climbed through the daily rankings and appears firmly planted at the top of the list.  A self proclaimed liberal, Jeff streams his show live Monday through Friday on The Head-On Radio Network and re-streams on TalkRadioX. Based in Arizona, Jeff’s Studio 19 is reportedly protected from neo-cons by a dog and a man with a flask.  (I did hear that).  Jeff covers issues (many issues) of the day with a fearless liberal bent.  His solid delivery and dry common sense approach sets him apart from other liberals that populate Talk Radio. There are no live callers — perhaps for technical reasons — Jeff reads listener email and presents Wolf’s Wacky stories to lighten up the 3 hour show.

What’s truly amazing: this is the only progressive show that is on our Top 25 List. Conservatives must be listening to Jeff’s show. Confess.


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