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For the TalkStreamLive.mobi service I would like to know the model of your phone and where you are from.  I’m looking for feedback: do you like the service?  When do you listen?  What is your favorite music Station (please include a link).

At the bottom of the music page I just added a link to TCPMP for PDAs and Smartphones.  TCPMP is a free player that will play every stream format on TalkStreamLive.mobi.  I downloaded the Windows Mobile Cab file for Smartphones for my Motorola Q (it works very well and was simple to set up).

Top 10 Smartphones:
Motorola Q
Palm Treo 700w
HTC Excalibur
HTC Trinity
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger
HTC Hermes
Samsung SGH-i607
HTC Wizard 8125
HTC StarTrek
SonyEricsson K750i

Top 10 Countries
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Source: TalkStreamLive.mobi

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Program/Audience (Millions)

  1  Rush Limbaugh   20.8
  2  Michael Savage   17.0 
  3  Glenn Beck  13.4
  4  Laura Ingraham  9.4
  5  Sean Hannity  9.2  
  6  MANCOW  7.5
  7  George Noory  6.3
  8  Dennis Miller  6.1
  9  Neal Boortz  3.8
10  Bill O’Reilly  3.8

Survey Period:  7/1/2007 – 9/30/2007 (July, August & September)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 60,548
Adults 18+

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

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Sixty-three percent of American adults listen to the radio every day, says a new survey from American Media Services. Radio Ink covers the story.

AMS also asked what would prompt respondents to listen to radio more. The top answer: More music and fewer commercials.

I want shorter spots (commercials). I can’t remember the last time I said: “Wow that was a really great radio spot.” Most spots you hear on radio are 60 seconds in length. And most would be improved if they were edited to 30 seconds or less.

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