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Third Quarter 2014

Rank / Share

1 Michael Savage 25.2
2 Rush Limbaugh 11.8
3 Laura Ingraham 6.4
4 Mark Levin 5.3
5 Glenn Beck 3.8
6 Sean Hannity 3.7
7 Tammy Bruce 3.2
8 George Noory 1.9
9 Alex Jones 1.8
10 Dennis Miller 1.6
11 Bill Bennett 1.4
12 John Batchelor 1.4
13 Michael Medved 1.1
14 Red Eye Radio 1.0
15 Clyde Lewis 1.0
16 Jeff Kuhner 0.9
17 Dennis Prager 0.9
18 The Dana Show 0.9
19 Hugh Hewitt 0.8
20 The Power Hour 0.8
20 Sam Sorbo 0.8 (tie)
21 IMUS 0.6
22 Jerry Doyle 0.5
23 Mike Gallagher 0.5
24 Larry Kudlow 0.5
25 Dave Ramsey 0.5

Survey Period: ( 07/01/2014 – 09/30/2014 )

Sample Size: 1.3 Million listener sessions

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

Editor’s Note: Michael Savage the #1 top talker again shatters all streaming talk radio ratings and records held and compiled by Talk Stream Live. Savage has achieved an unprecedented 25 share, the highest we ever recorded. He has significantly increased his lead over all other talk contenders. Talk Stream Live tracks streaming listenership online and on mobile devices for over 2,000 talk shows and used a sample size of 1.3 million listening sessions for this report.

The TSL Top 25 Report tracks talk radio show metrics gathered on the internet and collected through our cloud based server via Talk Stream Live’s Website, Gadgets, iPhone app, Android app and our “click-to-listen” links on Social Networks. This report only ranks the talk shows that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com. You may request for us to list your talk show on TSL by sending us an email to: info@talkstreamlive.com






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Website: http://www.talkstreamlive.com


Talk Stream Live™

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Fourth Quarter 2012

Rank / Share

1 Rush Limbaugh 12.5
2 Michael Savage  8.8
3 Glenn Beck  8.7
4 Laura Ingraham  6.4
5 Mark Levin  5.3
6 Tammy Bruce  4.9
7 Sean Hannity  4.8
8 Dennis Miller  3.5
9 George Noory  2.3
10 Bill Bennett  2.0
11 Neal Boortz   1.7
12 Michael Medved  1.7
13 John Batchelor  1.4
14 Red Eye Radio  1.2
15 Alex Jones  1.2
16 Hugh Hewitt  1.2
17 Dennis Prager  1.1
18 Monica Crowley  1.0
19 IMUS  0.8
20 The Dana Show  0.8
21 John Gibson  0.7
22 Quinn and Rose  0.6
23 Larry Kudlow  0.6
24 Mike Gallagher  0.5
25 Dave Ramsey  0.5

Editor’s note: Rush is #1, followed by Savage, Beck, Laura and Mark Levin moves up to fifth place. TSL listenership increased in the Fourth Quarter primarily due to the major topics being discussed on talk radio: The Presidential Election, Hurricane Sandy, the Mayan end of the world, fiscal cliff and Newtown CT – the most horrific and senseless slaughter of our time. Impacting the talk radio landscape further was Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham, two top talk shows that were on hiatus while changing networks to some degree offsetting their 4th Q ranking.

Survey Period: ( 10/01/2012 – 12/31/2012 )

Sample Size: 851,212 listener sessions

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

The TSL Top 25 Report tracks talk radio show metrics gathered on the internet and collected through our cloud based server via TalkStreamLive.com‘s Website, Gadgets, iPhone app and “click2listen” links on Social Networks. We only rank the talk show hosts that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com.

Talk Stream Live™

Contact email: info@talkstreamlive.com

You may request for us to list your talk show on TSL by sending an email to: info@talkstreamlive.com.

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The folks at Sync are making it easy… mobile… and cool…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Listen to streaming radio with TalkStreamLive.mobi from anywhere on the planet.

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For the TalkStreamLive.mobi service I would like to know the model of your phone and where you are from.  I’m looking for feedback: do you like the service?  When do you listen?  What is your favorite music Station (please include a link).

At the bottom of the music page I just added a link to TCPMP for PDAs and Smartphones.  TCPMP is a free player that will play every stream format on TalkStreamLive.mobi.  I downloaded the Windows Mobile Cab file for Smartphones for my Motorola Q (it works very well and was simple to set up).

Top 10 Smartphones:
Motorola Q
Palm Treo 700w
HTC Excalibur
HTC Trinity
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger
HTC Hermes
Samsung SGH-i607
HTC Wizard 8125
HTC StarTrek
SonyEricsson K750i

Top 10 Countries
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Source: TalkStreamLive.mobi

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Program/Audience (Millions)

  1  Rush Limbaugh   20.8
  2  Michael Savage   17.0 
  3  Glenn Beck  13.4
  4  Laura Ingraham  9.4
  5  Sean Hannity  9.2  
  6  MANCOW  7.5
  7  George Noory  6.3
  8  Dennis Miller  6.1
  9  Neal Boortz  3.8
10  Bill O’Reilly  3.8

Survey Period:  7/1/2007 – 9/30/2007 (July, August & September)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 60,548
Adults 18+

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

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Mobile Internet Radio

I can listen to an unlimited number of “live” Internet radio stations in my car from anywhere in the world. Free!

This is what you need to get Mobile Internet Radio into your car:

1.  A Windows Mobile Smartphone. (I have the Motorola Q with data plan)
2.  A car radio with Bluetooth Audio (Pioneer DEH-P9800BT pictured above)
3.  TalkStreamLive.mobi

Now any audio that is streaming on my Smartphone will source to my car’s speaker system.  The sound quality is good to excellent and dependent on the quality of the digital streams originating from the stations. Most Talk Shows stream around 32kbs and Music from 64 to 128kbs.

TalkStreamLive.mobi  makes selecting a program easy; by displaying only the programs that are “live” and ranking them by popularity.  Bookmark TalkStreamLive.mobi on your Smartphone for links to Talk Radio Shows, News, Sports, and Music.

You now have portable Internet radio. 

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Staying connected is a way of life now. Recent research from the Consumer Electronics Association shows there are more than 200 million mobile phones in the U.S.

Read the story here.

TalkStreamLive.mobi will work with Sync’s Bluetooth to help enable mobile Internet radio for your car.

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