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Bridge Ratings: “Internet radio listeners consume their primary media at almost equal levels with terrestrial radio consumption outweighing Internet radio by a few minutes per week.”

Many Internet Radio stations and shows start out with the desire to get noticed in the hope of a Broadcasting career. Some are starting to notice that the they have stopped moving toward the mountain — the mountain is moving to them.


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Delarey Song – with English subtitles

5 minute sample of the The Right Perspective interview with Bok van Blerk… really cool!

The Delarey Debate, Pt1:
The Delarey Debate, Pt2:
Hello, Africa! is a feature on The Right Perspective. NYC’s most dangerous callers to talk radio, Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island, now have their own radio show, taking your phone calls and discussing issues from “The Right Perspective”! Live broadcast heard over shortwave radio station WWCR 3.215 MHz and the Internet every Friday night 10pm ET. TalkStreamLive.com

Contact: newsguy2005@gmail.com

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