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Glenn Beck and Michael Savage battle for 2nd place. Statistically too close to call for this report – the difference is less than 1 tenth of a percent share.  

Sean Hannity improves by 5 tenths to stay with the leaders.

Dennis Miller moves to within 1 tenth of Bill O’Reilly.

Rush Limbaugh remains the undisputed King of Talk Radio.


Diamond in the rough – The Right Perspective – improves its ranking to number 15 on the list of the most listened to Talk Radio Shows on the Internet. Frank of Queens and John from Staten Island host one of the most compelling and original political Talk Radio Shows. Documented: some of the most profound conservative insights expressed on Talk Radio originate here. A must listen.

Second Quarter 2007


 1   Rush Limbaugh   11.0
 2   Glenn Beck  6.6
 3   Michael Savage   6.5
 4   Sean Hannity  5.9
 5   MANCOW  4.7
 6   Laura Ingraham  4.2
 7   George Noory  3.4
 8   Neal Boortz  2.7
 9   Dr. Laura  2.4
10  Bill O’Reilly  2.2
11  Dennis Miller  2.1
12  Mark Levin  1.5
13  Bill Bennett  1.2
14  Jerry Doyle  1.0
15  The Right Perspective  1.0
16  Adam Carolla  0.9
17  G. Gordon Liddy  0.9
18  Michael Medved  0.9
19  Tammy Bruce  0.8
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.8
21  Jim Rome  0.7
22  Art Bell  0.7
23  Mike Gallagher  0.7
24  Drudge  0.7
25  Dave Ramsey  0.6

Unique Listeners
Survey Period:  4/1/2007 – 6/30/2007 (April, May & June)
Sample Size: 50,201
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


This report is OK to publish or broadcast along with credit source – link or mention of: TalkStreamLive.com

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Delarey Song – with English subtitles

5 minute sample of the The Right Perspective interview with Bok van Blerk… really cool!

The Delarey Debate, Pt1:
The Delarey Debate, Pt2:
Hello, Africa! is a feature on The Right Perspective. NYC’s most dangerous callers to talk radio, Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island, now have their own radio show, taking your phone calls and discussing issues from “The Right Perspective”! Live broadcast heard over shortwave radio station WWCR 3.215 MHz and the Internet every Friday night 10pm ET. TalkStreamLive.com

Contact: newsguy2005@gmail.com

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