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Michael Savage was Tom Donahue’s special guest interview for TSL Talks. 

Tom Donahue’s special guest interview with the new titan of talk radio the incomparable Michael Savage. I was gratified to be granted a free rein and wide range in-depth interview for TSL Talks with the leading conservative independent voice in talk radio. The top talker and master of the mic, the consummate communicator, the sage & scholar and the renowned author of many national best sellers. Savage has the stellar skills, smarts and stature in the talk profession that make him the best in the business. In my view, there isn’t even a close second. Savage staked out his Borders.. Language and Culture stance with his most popular radio talk show some 20 years ago. Savage has become dominant in drive time soundly beating Hannity in the ratings for three consecutive months in the major markets and Savage has significantly scored supremacy in the streaming talk ratings by reclaiming the top spot with TSL’s latest rankings report. Simply put, Savage has become the dominant force in talk radio. See More

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JFK 50th The Coup of 1963

Jim MarrsI think that there was a coup in 1963, a palace revolt. Johnson (LBJ) took over through a violent act for which he was cognizant, if not a part of, an accessory to. Then that means that every administration since Lyndon Johnson, then has been illegitimate! So they will never never admit to what actually happened in the coup of 1963..

Listen to the podcast interview:  408 Tom Donahue Reports & TSL Talks



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Evan’s talk on how the Modern Liberal thinks is the single most viewed talk in the Heritage Foundation’s history.

Go back and look at the revolutions that either took place or were squelched during this so called “Arab Spring.” You had Obama come down on the wrong side of every one.  You had Obama not support the democratic uprising in Iran that might have replaced an America enemy with an American friend; support the overthrown of an American ally, Hosni Mubarek in Egypt; do nothing as a second generation mass murderer mowed his own people down in the streets – now using poison gas – and even supported a Leftist coup to overthrow a democratic ally in Honduras. In every single case if you didn’t know which side Obama took; the answer would be whichever side was bad for America.  This is because, to the Modern Liberal, America is bad as proved by nothing other than the fact that America is successful.


Listen to the full 30 minute interview here.

The Kindergarden of Eden

“The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks”

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