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First Quarter 2016

Rank / Show / Share
1 Michael Savage 27.0
2 Rush Limbaugh 15.6
3 Laura Ingraham 6.9
4 Mark Levin 5.7
5 Glenn Beck 4.7
6 Sean Hannity 4.0
7 Howie Carr 2.0
8 George Noory 1.7
9 Bill Bennett 1.6
10 Tammy Bruce 1.5 (Tie)
10 Alex Jones 1.5 (Tie)
11 John Batchelor 1.2
12 Red Eye Radio 1.0
13 Hugh Hewitt 0.9
14 Dennis Prager 0.9
15 Clyde Lewis 0.9
16 Chris Plante 0.8
17 The Dana Show 0.8
18 IMUS  0.8
19 Herman Cain 0.8
20 Mike Gallagher 0.7
21 Michael Medved 0.7
22 Sam Sorbo 0.6
23 Larry Elder 0.6
24 Larry Kudlow 0.5
25 Jerry Doyle 0.5

Survey Period: (01/01/2016 – 03/31/2016)
Sample Size: 2.2 million listener sessions
Source: TalkStreamLive.com

Editor’s note: Michael Savage scores big again with a 27 share and #1 ranking at Talk Stream Live and leads all other talk shows by wide margins and extends his undisputed and unprecedented dominance in the streaming online talk domain. Rush Limbaugh is #2 and has gained ground with a 15.6 share, followed by Laura Ingraham #3, Mark Levin #4, and Glenn Beck at #5. Howie Carr moves up to #7 and Chris Plante jumps 9 spots to #16. The TSL 1st Q 2016 report sample size breaks new ground by surpassing the 2 million mark.

The TSL Top 25 Report tracks streaming talk show listening metrics through our cloud based server via Talk Stream Live’s Website, Gadgets, iPhone, iPad and Android apps and our “click-to-listen” links on Social Networks.

Note: this report only ranks the talk shows that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com. You may request for us to list your talk show by sending an email to: info@talkstreamlive.com






Twitter: http://twitter.com/TalkStreamLive

Facebook: http://ww.facebook.com/TalkStreamLive

Website: http://www.talkstreamlive.com/

Talk Stream Live™

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“The Future of Talk Radio is Topic-Driven”
Starting today you can now post talk show topics along with click-to-listen audio links to Facebook and Twitter for any of the shows you find streaming at TalkStreamLive.com. Now the hottest talk topics and shows can spread virally throughout the social networks.

What’s Changed?

The home page now features larger host photos and we have added Trending Topics, a new way for listeners and hosts to see which talk radio topics are trending. Click on a #topic in this box to choose a program based on the topic that interest you most!

What Hasn’t Changed?

The site remains dynamic – shows appear on the list only when they are live or in replay, and they rank by popularity. See the latest listener ranking report here: http://t.co/b68Ei2lV

TSL Radio Spot

Our new 30 second radio spot, Topic-Driven Talk Radio, tells the story. If you have a show or station please help us spread the word. Click Here to download.

Social Talk Radio

Listen to a show and post your first talk radio #topic now at www.TalkStreamLive.com


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Image This hash tag is “the key that will carry talk radio to new distribution and markets only dreamed of and will also drive the discussions of the shows.” Read more here.

We made a lot of progress on the new site last night. The “Trending Topic” feature is finished and the logic is working as expected. We have a few odds and ends to clean up and if nothing goes wrong we should be ready for a soft launch by Sunday evening or Monday afternoon.

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Talk Stream Live is thrilled to announce that we will now incorporate and account for our mobile listening sessions as part of our metrics to produce our internet streaming talk show ranking and share reports. Mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPads and tablets etc.) now comprises nearly half of our traffic and this additional data will double our sample size.

We have decided not to publish the Top 100 Report for 2011 due to the inconsistency it would show with the past four quarterly reports. These reports were produced with only website metrics. From analyzing the data it appears that Mobile listening is a bit different than listening on the computer. Don’t worry it’s not entirely different Rush is still #1 no matter how you look at it but there are some surprises in the top 25 ranking. For now we have eliminated the monthly Trend Reports. We will continue to produce our Quarterly Top 25 Talk Show Report. Look forward to the TSL Top 25 1st Quarter report at the end of March as it will be the first report to include mobile listening data.

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4th Quarter 2010

Rank / Share

1  Rush Limbaugh  16.5
2  Glenn Beck  13.0
3  Laura Ingraham  9.3
4  Michael Savage 9.2
5  Tammy Bruce  8.8
6  Mark Levin 4.8
7  Bill Bennett 3.7
8  George Noory 3.6
9  Sean Hannity 2.7
10  Neal Boortz  2.0
11  Dennis Miller 1.9
12  Hugh Hewitt  1.2
13  Monica Crowley 1.2
14  John Batchelor  1.2
15  Dennis Prager  1.1
16  Jerry Doyle  1.0
17  John Gibson  1.0
18  Michael Medved 1.0
19  Dr. Laura  0.9
20  Quinn and Rose  0.9
21  Mike Gallagher  0.8
22  Roger Hedgecock  0.8
23  MANCOW  0.7
24  Rusty Humphries 0.7
25  Alex Jones  0.6

Survey Period: ( 10/01/2010 – 12/31/2010 )

Sample Size: 197,235  Unique Sessions

Source: TalkStreamLive.com

Note: We are now using new methodology for our reports – a weighted average of Unique Sessions. Talk Stream Live’s reports; “The Top 25 Talk Radio” and “The Top 100 Talk Radio Shows of 2010” track internet talk radio shows and is exclusively produced from the server data gathered by our websites. Each show’s ranking and share rating are derived by multiplying Unique Session Starts by the average Time Spent Listening to produce Total Hours.  The conclusions are our own and not guaranteed to be accurate.

Contact email: contacttsl@gmail.com

Follow TalkStreamLive on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TalkStreamLive

iPhone App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talk-stream/id402203488?mt=8

Talk Stream Live™

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Notes: Jerry Doyle is on the move and now ranks #11. He is keeping a close eye on Monica Crowley who maintains her impressive 5 share on this report despite recently relinquishing her Monday through Friday show. Roger Hegecock jumps 4 positions to rank #16 and John Gibson moves up 3 places while Lou Dobbs rounds out the top 25.

Rank / Share

1  Tammy Bruce  14.3
2  Laura Ingraham  11.3
3  Rush Limbaugh  8.9
4  Michael Savage 7.4
5  Glenn Beck  6.9
6  Monica Crowley 5.0
7  Mark Levin 4.4
8  Sean Hannity 3.5
9  George Noory 2.4
10  Dennis Miller 1.9
11  Jerry Doyle  1.6
12  Bill Bennett 1.5
13  Rusty Humphries 1.4
14  Michael Medved 1.4
15  Neal Boortz  1.2
16  Roger Hedgecock  1.0
17  MANCOW  1.0
18  Mike Gallagher 0.9
19  Dennis Prager  0.9
20  Dr. Laura  0.9
21  John Gibson  0.7
22  Hugh Hewitt  0.7
23  Quinn & Rose  0.6
24  G. Gordon Liddy  0.6
25  Lou Dobbs  0.5

Survey Period: ( 05/01/2009 – 07/31/2009 )

Sample Size: 226,990  (Unique Listening Sessions)

Source: TalkStreamLive.com


TalkStreamLive’s Top 25 Report uses webcast metrics that originate exclusively from actual server data. It measure listener share of the top 25 talk radio shows streaming online that link from our directory. Only unique sessions over a 90 day period are used to produce the top 25 report. We do not represent the entire internet radio listening universe.  In addition to the website, we also track listener stats from all our gadgets and widgets that appear on independent web and Google home pages.  The listener stats from our mobile site TalkStreamLive.mobi are not included in this report. The conclusions are our own and not guaranteed to be accurate.

Talk Stream Live™

Follow TalkStreamLive on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TalkStreamLive

Got a good idea for TSL: contacttsl@gmail.com

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“Barack Obama Will Not Be the Next President”: The Parowan Prophet – Tonight starting at 10pm ET — 7pm PT, on Overnight AM
Leland Freeborn

The Parowan Prophet, Leland Freeborn of Parowan Utah will be joining Overnight AM to discuss Leland’s vision of a Nuclear Global War which is suppose to begin no later than January 15,2009. Leland recently made international news by claiming that in a vision he had seen that Barack H. Obama would not become the 44th President of the United States of America but not due to any birth certificate or natural born Citizen issues which we have all witnessed in the past weeks, but rather because of a Nuclear strike on America by Soviet forces.

Leland’s history is quite revealing, and tonight we will find out how he came to have such telling visions that he claims are from God, and why he believes he has been called by God to tell the world of the horrible upcoming events which he says we can all change if we want to. Tonight on Overnight AM we’re going to find out if the future is written in stone when Leland Freedom joins the Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network on Overnight AM radio show with Lan Lamphere.

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The folks at Sync are making it easy… mobile… and cool…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Listen to streaming radio with TalkStreamLive.mobi from anywhere on the planet.

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Staying connected is a way of life now. Recent research from the Consumer Electronics Association shows there are more than 200 million mobile phones in the U.S.

Read the story here.

TalkStreamLive.mobi will work with Sync’s Bluetooth to help enable mobile Internet radio for your car.

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