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Ipod fatigue is a real problem and rather than turn to big pharma for a pill,  you have discovered the joy of streaming Internet radio through your Internet enabled Smartphone.  Now to enhance your listening experience you will want a stereo Bluetooth headset with hands free for your phone calls.  If you don’t mind a few wires the Pulsar 260 Stereo Bluetooth Headset may be for you.


The ear buds have soft sound-isolating tips that conform to your ear.  Included are 3 tip sizes.  I found the fit to be comfortable – after a few minutes you forget that you have them on.  They actually block sound so well that you need to pull one out to carry on a conversation least you be labeled antisocial.  Fortunately the ear buds are tethered so you won’t ever lose one of them.


The pendant weighs just about nothing, can be worn on a lanyard (included) or clipped to your clothing. Very light and nice. You don’t get the ball-and-chain effect of being tied to a heavey mp3 player.  Your Bluetooth phone or music device can be up to 30 feet away.


Here is something interesting; the pendant sports an audio-out and cable (included) to source your mp3 or Internet radio stream to your car stereo or any other powered speaker system that can accept a stereo mini plug.

The 260 comes complete with a charger — but of course you forgot to bring it with you on your business trip.  No worries – the pendant can also be charged with any usb cable (not included) right off your notebook.  


While walking my shitsapoo (really my daughter’s dog… but guess who walks it).  I was listening to the Robert Scott Bell show with the Plantronics Pulsar 260 and my Motorola Q smartphone. The Robert Scott Bell show is the most informative and compelling medical health show on the Internet. A must listen that airs live Sunday afternoons for 3 hours.  As the dog is tugging on the leash, I needed to make a quick call and clicked the phone button on the mike. To my surprise “voice command” (on the Q) asks me who I wanted to call. The Buetooth mutes the talk show as the phone dials. The 260s phone quality is very good for both transmitting and listening. My party hangs up and a few moments later The Robert Scott Bell show is back on again — all without fiddleing with my smartphone or the dog.

Plantronics makes audio equipment for professional pilots and air traffic controllers. It stands to good reason that this headset would be a of good quality.  I have no complaints.  Simple to pair. Battery life is excellent.  Works well with my phone. I change the station to Radio Paradise and Logic of a Friend by Badly Drawn Boy is playing. Nice song.  The head set is very clear and sounds great for either music or talk shows that you can find on TalkStreamLive.mobi.


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Here are directions on how to connect a Smartphone to a car radio to enhance listening to Internet radio while driving.  A more costly connection is Bluetooth Audio, but if you are not ready to buy a new car stereo this is an inexpensive solution.
I wanted to play around with something new for my Q (Smartphone), so I decided to take a shot at using it as an audio source thru my vehicle’s stereo. I purchased:
 2201859402838080_1.jpg 1) an OEM Motorola (p/n SKN 6183) adapter for the 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack—ebay $5.62 shipped!! http://search.ebay.com/search/search…&fsop=1&fsoo=1
(I believe Radio Shack has their own branded adapter for $10)
 std1_f8v235-06.jpg 2) a Belkin 3.5mm to RCA cable http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProdu…duct_Id=148894—$4.86 at Wal-mart


3700088659748080_1.jpg *3) auxiliary input adapter for my Pioneer car stereo (connects to IP-BUS back side of stereo)—ebay $10 shipped *This item is not needed if your car or home stereo already has RCA inputs.

Now I can connect my Q (Smartphone) to my car stereo and voila!! I am now streaming cd quality audio through TCPMP to my car stereo for just over $20 in parts!! Not to mention being able to play any music on my storage card.



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Mobile Internet Radio

I can listen to an unlimited number of “live” Internet radio stations in my car from anywhere in the world. Free!

This is what you need to get Mobile Internet Radio into your car:

1.  A Windows Mobile Smartphone. (I have the Motorola Q with data plan)
2.  A car radio with Bluetooth Audio (Pioneer DEH-P9800BT pictured above)
3.  TalkStreamLive.mobi

Now any audio that is streaming on my Smartphone will source to my car’s speaker system.  The sound quality is good to excellent and dependent on the quality of the digital streams originating from the stations. Most Talk Shows stream around 32kbs and Music from 64 to 128kbs.

TalkStreamLive.mobi  makes selecting a program easy; by displaying only the programs that are “live” and ranking them by popularity.  Bookmark TalkStreamLive.mobi on your Smartphone for links to Talk Radio Shows, News, Sports, and Music.

You now have portable Internet radio. 

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