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The 50 Most Influential and Most Listened-To Streaming Talk Shows

Rank / Show

1 Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
2 Dan Bongino
3 War Room with Steve Bannon
4 Glenn Beck
5 Chris Plante
6 John B Wells
7 Mark Levin
8 Clay Travis & Buck Sexton
9 Sean Hannity
10 Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
11 The War Room with Owen Shroyer
12 Jeff Kuhner
13 Howie Carr
14 Ben Shapiro
15 Red Eye Radio
16 Alex Jones
17 Fade to Black with Jimmy Church
18 Richard C Hoagland The Other Side of Midnight
19 Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott
20 Hugh Hewitt
21 Dennis Prager
22 Brian Kilmeade
23 David Knight
24 Mike Gallagher
25 The Dana Show
26 Joe Pags
27 Armstrong & Getty
28 Bernie & Sid in The Morning
29 Stephanie Miller
30 Bill Cunningham
31 John Batchelor
32 Sebastian Gorka
33 Lars Larson
34 The Power Hour
35 The Hagmann Report
36 Todd Starnes
37 Wayne Allyn Root
38 John Fredericks
39 Charlie Kirk
40 Larry O’Connor
41 Kim Komando
42 The Right Perspective
43 Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland
44 Kate Dalley
45 Michael Medved
46 Rick Roberts
47 Grace Curley
48 Thom Hartmann
49 Jesse Kelly
50 Brandon Tatum

Survey Period: (01/01/2022 – 12/31/2022)
Sample Size: 53 Million Listening Sessions

Editor’s Note: Talk Stream Live (TSL) sampled an historic 53 million listener sessions during 2022 to produce The TSL Power 50 Report – The 50 most influential and most listened-to streaming talk shows. The Power 50 includes the big talk show talents fans would expect as well as some new media rising stars. Congratulations to the members of The TSL Power 50! #1 Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, #2 Dan Bongino, #3 War Room with Steve Bannon, #4 Glenn Beck, #5 Chris Plante, #6 John B Wells, #7 Mark Levin, #8 Clay Travis & Buck Sexton, #9 Sean Hannity and #10 Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Conservative Talk Shows dominated the ratings with the mid-term election coverage contributing to this listener surge. 

The TSL Power 50 Report tracks streaming talk shows through our online streaming platform channels, apps and gadgets. (This report only ranks the talk shows that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com.)

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Talk Show Hosts may request a show stream or podcast feed listing by sending us an email: contacttsl@gmail.com


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Score another win for Talk Stream Live.  We just added “Overnight AM” to the list!  Hosted by Lan Lamphere, this eclectic mix of UFO, paranormal and politics delivers solid talk radio “live” to you each night.  If you like Coast to Cost AM — and we know you do,  you are going to love “Overnight AM.”  Lan’s takes-no-prisoners style propels late night radio in a whole new direction.  And by the way, I have an hour long interview tonight and got to spar a bit with this Talk Radio black belt discussing the future of Talk Radio on the Internet.   Of course I also mentioned how you can listen to Internet radio in your car through Windows mobile smartphones.  And now you can listen to “Overnight AM” from anywhere on TalkStreamLive.mobi.  Yes, I have a UFO story but did not have enough time to bring that up — Lan was under seige from studio gremlins during the interview — maybe next time.

Tune into “Overnight AM” tonight and every night right here on TalkStreamLive.com

“Overnight AM” is a Talk Show from the Hollow FX Radio Network.

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