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Tonight, July 30th at 10pm ET (7pm PT), Dr. Ed Mitchell – United States Astronaut, who flew to the moon on the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 will be interviewed by Overnight AM!

This program is the first that Dr. Mitchell will be doing after his return from Australia in which he announced to the world that “He was fortunate enough to be one of those that were privy to know that alien life had been visiting the Earth for a number of years.”


If you want to know the truth. Have we been visited by aliens? You will not want to miss this exclusive Interview. Turn off your TV, satellite radio, terrestrial radio and iPod, and gather your family and friends around your web browser — go to www.TalkStreamLive.com to listen to this compelling 4 hour Internet radio event hosted by Lan Lamphere. Renown author Stanton Friedman will be interviewed following Dr. Mitchell’s Interview.



Also, if you have a Windows Mobile Smartphone: www.TalkStreamLive.mobi

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