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We looked at our stats page and found 222 different mobile devices that have used TalkStreamLive.mobi for links to Internet radio shows over the last 30 days. Of this group, here are jpegs and descriptions of the top 10 Smartphones that are responsible for most of our traffic.  If you would like to listen to Internet radio in your car of from anywhere, here are some very good Smartphones that you might consider.

moto-q.jpg 1. The Motorola Q is one of the top selling Smartphones offering good quality, and an excellent multimedia experience. For listening to Internet radio it offers the The Windows Mobile 10 media player and also has integrated Bluetooth. The Motorola Q lacks integrated Wi-Fi so you will need an unlimited data plan to listen to mobile Internet radio. See full specs >>

sgh-i607.jpg 2. The Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607 is sleek Smartphone that includes Microsoft Windows Mobile 10 media player and Bluetooth. But no integrated Wi-Fi so you will need an unlimited data plan from your wireless provider in order to listen to Internet radio.  See full specs >>

htc-ppc6800.jpg3. The HTC Mogul PPC6800 is more that a Smartphone its a mini computer with just about everything you would want from a notebook including the audio features that make this phone an excellent device to listen to Internet radio. Windows Mobile Media Player 10, Bluetooth and  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g for Internet access in a variety of locations – to listen to Internet radio in your car you will need an unlimited data plan from your wireless provider. See full specs >> 

htc-dash.jpg 4. The HTC T-Mobile Dash has integrated Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi; multimedia functions With a sleek design, good performance, and a robust set of wireless options Microsoft Windows Mobile media player.
See full specs >>

treo-700p.jpg 5. The Palm Treo 700p boasts Bluetooth 1.2. The smart phone lacks integrated Wi-Fi. With enhanced multimedia capabilities, the Palm Treo 700p makes a powerful smartphone.  See full specs >>

pilgrim.jpg 6. Pilgrim. Not to much is known about this mystery phone other than that it ranks number 6 in traffic for TalkStreamLive.mobi.

rim-blackberry-8830.jpg 7. The RIM BlackBerry 8830 has a built-in music and video player, and offers solid performance but the phone does not support stereo Bluetooth headsets. See full specs >>


att-8525.jpg 8. The AT&T 8525 (a.k.a. HTC Hermes)  has integrated Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, and Windows Mobile the 3G-enabled AT&T 8525 provides the speed, the power to easily handle streaming Internet radio. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0; Installed RAM: 64 MB  See full specs >>

apache.jpg 9. The Sprint PPC-6700 (a.k.a. HTC Apache) features three forms of wireless (EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), and Windows Mobile 5. See full specs >>

treo-750.jpg 10. The Palm Treo 750 comes with integrated Bluetooth, The Windows-based smart phone does not have integrated Wi-Fi. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.2 Phone Edition See full specs >>

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