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Talk Stream Live is thrilled to announce that we will now incorporate and account for our mobile listening sessions as part of our metrics to produce our internet streaming talk show ranking and share reports. Mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPads and tablets etc.) now comprises nearly half of our traffic and this additional data will double our sample size.

We have decided not to publish the Top 100 Report for 2011 due to the inconsistency it would show with the past four quarterly reports. These reports were produced with only website metrics. From analyzing the data it appears that Mobile listening is a bit different than listening on the computer. Don’t worry it’s not entirely different Rush is still #1 no matter how you look at it but there are some surprises in the top 25 ranking. For now we have eliminated the monthly Trend Reports. We will continue to produce our Quarterly Top 25 Talk Show Report. Look forward to the TSL Top 25 1st Quarter report at the end of March as it will be the first report to include mobile listening data.

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