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This gem buried in a Radio Ink column…

What may very well be the first scientific field test of accessing the Internet from a car, traveling at highway speeds, for the expressed purpose of listening to radio.

Internet Radio Hits The Road 

American Media Services/Internet has tested streaming radio, by driving from San Jose to San Francisco and back. Without a cable or surge protector!

“The near-flawless signal we experienced all along this 100-mile round trip clearly demonstrates that we are witnessing a huge shift in technological capacity and the true emergence of a new digital medium,” said AMSi President/CEO Reed Bunzel, who conducted the test with company VP/Engineering Laramie Guest.

Bunzel continues: 

“It is just as portable as terrestrial radio, it doesn’t have to appeal to a mass audience, it can be personal and interactive in nature, and almost anyone can join the club.”

AMSi plans to conduct similar road trips err “tests” in other markets over the coming months.

Bunzel & Guest, a modern day Lewis & Clark?  We will keep you updated.



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