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Paranormal Radio

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Tune in M-F from 9pm to Midnight Eastern to hear “live” Paranormal Radio.   News of UFOs, aliens, ghosts and everything strange is discussed nightly with guest experts and with your host Captain Jack.

Check it out Paranormal Radio is #1 on TalkStreamLive.mobi



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Score another win for Talk Stream Live.  We just added “Overnight AM” to the list!  Hosted by Lan Lamphere, this eclectic mix of UFO, paranormal and politics delivers solid talk radio “live” to you each night.  If you like Coast to Cost AM — and we know you do,  you are going to love “Overnight AM.”  Lan’s takes-no-prisoners style propels late night radio in a whole new direction.  And by the way, I have an hour long interview tonight and got to spar a bit with this Talk Radio black belt discussing the future of Talk Radio on the Internet.   Of course I also mentioned how you can listen to Internet radio in your car through Windows mobile smartphones.  And now you can listen to “Overnight AM” from anywhere on TalkStreamLive.mobi.  Yes, I have a UFO story but did not have enough time to bring that up — Lan was under seige from studio gremlins during the interview — maybe next time.

Tune into “Overnight AM” tonight and every night right here on TalkStreamLive.com

“Overnight AM” is a Talk Show from the Hollow FX Radio Network.

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