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It’s time for a new Smartphone.  Not that there is anything wrong with my Motorola Q – it has served me well for about 2 years — a lifetime in technology.  I am looking forward to an upgrade.  A good place to start my search is with our mobile analytics program to find out what people are using to access www.TalkStreamLive.mobi.


moto-q.jpg 1. The Motorola Q — This is the phone I currently own — it represents the top Smartphone in traffic to www.TalkStreamLive.mobi. It offers the The Windows Mobile 10 media player and also has integrated Bluetooth. You will need to download TCPMP, a free media player, in order to listen to the broadband music streams. You will also need an unlimited data plan to listen to mobile Internet radio. See full specs >>





2. The Motorola Q9
With everything my old Moto Q has plus many performance upgrades the Motorola Q9 sports
Windows mobile 6, a faster processor and more memory. I am very happy with the Motorola Q so this phone is at the top of my short list. Download TCPMP to play the broadband music streams.  It is also the #2 phone in terms of traffic to www.TalkStreamLive.mobi





3. Tilt PDA Phone HTC Tilt
This phone looks promising. It does look like it would be easy to read the news while you are eating lunch…



4. HTC Touch
I like the touch flow demonstration but think I would miss a hard qwerty keyboard.  I like texting — it gets right to the point and saves time. I wonder if the touch flow is useful.





5. HTC Kaiser / AT&T Tilt / HTC 8900
Nice. This phone ranks number 5 in traffic to www.TalkStreamLive.mobi


6. Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607 
This seems to me like a Moto Q knockoff.  The Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607 is sleek Smartphone that includes Microsoft Windows Mobile 10 media player and Bluetooth. But no integrated Wi-Fi so you will need an unlimited data plan from your wireless provider in order to listen to Internet radio.  See full specs >>





7. HTC 8500
Very cool but I need a keyboard.






8. Treo 750v

The Palm Treo 750 comes with integrated Bluetooth, The Windows-based smart phone does not have integrated Wi-Fi. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.2 Phone Edition.





9. HTC Touch Cruise / HTC P3650
This looks very cool.



10. TheHTC S730, besides sporting an improved 400MHz Qualcomm processor. This looks very promising.




11. Nokia N70


The RIM BlackBerry 8830 has a built-in music and video player, and offers solid performance but the phone does not support stereo Bluetooth headsets. See full specs >>


13. Nokia N95



14. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8320




15. Sony Ericsson K750i

These are currently the top 15 Smartphones providing traffic to www.TalkStreamLive.mobi. There are 100s of more Smartphones and devices. If you can recommend another Smartphone for me to listen to radio on the Internet – post it here.

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