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To listen to Internet radio from your car or anywhere you will need a Smartphone, Bluetooth Audio car stereo and a data plan.  Here is a Motorola Q9c with the Pioneer DEH-P9800BT and www.TalkStreamLive.mobi

On TalkStreamLive.mobi there are thousands of links and many different stream types. The Windows Mobile Media player plays all the WMA Talk Radio shows but is not capable of playing the broadband music streams.  To listen to music you may need TCPMP (free player) or the Core Media Player  — either of these media players will play all of the stream types seamlessly at TalkStreamLive.mobi.

After a few days of use with the Core Media Player I am very impressed.  It is the best player that I have seen for TalkStreamLive.mobi and worth every penny.

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Internet radio delivered at close to “studio quality” sound, along with everything else, will be mobile as the notebook computer now fits in the palm of your hand.

The Smartphone is the device that can easily receive quality audio and is the path that Radio will see new growth. It is the radio that fits in your pocket and the phone you can’t be without.

Sales of smartphones are expected to overtake those of laptops in the next 12 to 18 months as the mobile phone completes its transition from voice communications device to multimedia computer.

Internet Radio Convergence is being driven by a combination of software, services and hardware. Here is the full story.

www.TalkStreamLive.mobi is best used on a Windows Mobile Smartphone.


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The 50 most powerful Talk Radio shows on the Internet.  These are the opinion makers — the most influential voices on the political landscape. Ranked by www.TalkStreamLive.com.

1.   Tammy Bruce
2.   Rush Limbaugh
3.   Laura Ingraham
4.   Michael Savage
5.   Glenn Beck
6.   Sean Hannity
7.   Neal Boortz
8.   Dennis Miller
9.   Bill O’Reilly
10. George Noory
11. Mark Levin
13. Michael Medved
14. Dr. Laura
15. Dennis Prager
16. Bill Bennett
17. Monica Crowley
18. IMUS
19. Rusty Humphries
20. Hugh Hewitt
21. Mike Gallagher
22. The Right Perspective
23. Larry Elder
24. Art Bell
25. Alex Jones
26. Overnight AM
27. Dave Ramsey
28. Kim Komando
29. Phil Hendrie
30. John Batchelor
31. Roger Hedgecock
32. Jerry Doyle
33. Adam Carolla
34. Michael Reagan
35. Lars Larson
36. Jay Severin
37. Randi Rhodes
38. Al Rantel
39. Quinn and Rose
40. Larry Kudlow
41. Bill Handel
42. Walton and Johnson
43. Paranormal Radio
44. Stephanie Miller
45. Clark Howard
46. Howie Carr
47. Ed Schultz
48. Bill Cunningham
49. Thom Hartmann
50. Robert Scott Bell


Source: TalkStreamLive.com
Date Range last 6 months: ( 1/1/08 to 6/30/08 )
Sample Size: 233,275


Talk Stream Live™ 
www.TalkStreamLive.mobi (Designed for Windows Mobile Smartphones)

Contact: contactsl@gmail.com

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RadioFalling stock prices of Radio consolidators makes it look like Radio is dying — it’s not.  What is dying is the current business and analog distribution model of radio. The good news is – is that this won’t kill off Radio.  Radio is resilient, adaptable and eternal.  The next generation of Radio will thrive on the Internet and also mobile Internet enabled cell phones. The cell phone is the only entertainment device you really want to carry.  And with the advent of Wi-Max and or Wi-Fi connections accessing the Internet from anywhere will be cheap if not free.  Links to Radio will be in most cell phones — unlimited Internet Radio. 

ABI Research sees this segment of the mobile browser market accounting for the vast majority of growth over the next five years, as the open-Internet browser (OIB) segment for mobile grows from 76 million in 2007 to nearly 700 million browsers delivered in 2013



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Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

The feature/s I would add to Windows Mobile!!

Who needs an iPhone, when you can add all the animated goodies to WM using Communication Suite?

TalkStreamLive.mobi enables free Internet radio on your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PDA. The Windows Mobile media player plays the News, Talk and Sports station streams. You will need to download the TCPMP media player to play the broadband Music streams. 

Hi, and congrats…you were selected as the winner of the Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine monthly expert blog contest for April!  You have won a licensed copy of VITO Communications Suite, which can be downloaded at the following URL.:


 Read the story here.


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TalkStreamLive.mobi gets a sporting new look and performance upgrades.

This mobile site serves up thousands of talk shows and hundreds of music, news and sports stations.  All of the talk shows stream around 32 kbs and will play on the standard Windows Mobile player.  Most of the music stations stream at 128 kbs and require the TCPMP media player — TCPMP is a media player that you can download for free and will play most broadband streams.

If you already own a smartphone ( Motorola Q pictured above ) with a data plan or have a portable wi-fi enabled device the TalkStreamLive.mobi service is free. 

We make it easy for you to listen to radio on the Internet in your car or from just about anywhere.  If you like talk radio as much as we do you will find a “live” talk show to listen to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

The Internet radio shows and stations that you will find at TalkStreamLive are submitted to us by our listening community.  The more listeners click on a show or station, the higher that show or station will rank on the list.  New shows and stations are added continuously — providing an endless supply of high quality radio. 

Do you know of a show or station that has what it takes? Add it here for free.

New site features! You will find links for “local” News, Traffic and Weather to help you stay informed. There is also a Shout box provided in case you need let off some steam.

The back-end of the site has been totally redesigned and now is much faster providing a better user experience.  The site is intuitive, simple to navigate and modular — you can bookmark any category you please as the top page. 

About: Frees Media, Inc. is a media planning, buying and Internet publishing company. For more information, visit www.freesmedia.com.

Contact: Bill Frees 973-564-7200

Talk Stream Live™

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Ipod fatigue is a real problem and rather than turn to big pharma for a pill,  you have discovered the joy of streaming Internet radio through your Internet enabled Smartphone.  Now to enhance your listening experience you will want a stereo Bluetooth headset with hands free for your phone calls.  If you don’t mind a few wires the Pulsar 260 Stereo Bluetooth Headset may be for you.


The ear buds have soft sound-isolating tips that conform to your ear.  Included are 3 tip sizes.  I found the fit to be comfortable – after a few minutes you forget that you have them on.  They actually block sound so well that you need to pull one out to carry on a conversation least you be labeled antisocial.  Fortunately the ear buds are tethered so you won’t ever lose one of them.


The pendant weighs just about nothing, can be worn on a lanyard (included) or clipped to your clothing. Very light and nice. You don’t get the ball-and-chain effect of being tied to a heavey mp3 player.  Your Bluetooth phone or music device can be up to 30 feet away.


Here is something interesting; the pendant sports an audio-out and cable (included) to source your mp3 or Internet radio stream to your car stereo or any other powered speaker system that can accept a stereo mini plug.

The 260 comes complete with a charger — but of course you forgot to bring it with you on your business trip.  No worries – the pendant can also be charged with any usb cable (not included) right off your notebook.  


While walking my shitsapoo (really my daughter’s dog… but guess who walks it).  I was listening to the Robert Scott Bell show with the Plantronics Pulsar 260 and my Motorola Q smartphone. The Robert Scott Bell show is the most informative and compelling medical health show on the Internet. A must listen that airs live Sunday afternoons for 3 hours.  As the dog is tugging on the leash, I needed to make a quick call and clicked the phone button on the mike. To my surprise “voice command” (on the Q) asks me who I wanted to call. The Buetooth mutes the talk show as the phone dials. The 260s phone quality is very good for both transmitting and listening. My party hangs up and a few moments later The Robert Scott Bell show is back on again — all without fiddleing with my smartphone or the dog.

Plantronics makes audio equipment for professional pilots and air traffic controllers. It stands to good reason that this headset would be a of good quality.  I have no complaints.  Simple to pair. Battery life is excellent.  Works well with my phone. I change the station to Radio Paradise and Logic of a Friend by Badly Drawn Boy is playing. Nice song.  The head set is very clear and sounds great for either music or talk shows that you can find on TalkStreamLive.mobi.


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Double digit growth in handsets to increase Mobile Internet Radio. MIR is not something new — smartphones allow you to access the Internet from anywhere, including your car.

by David Masters 

Taiwan based mobile phone handset makers are expecting shipments of smartphones to reach 7.47 million units in the first quarter of this year, representing a 13.8% growth on the previous quarter.

All economic indicators point to

strong growth in smartphone shipments during the first half of 2008.

Retail sales of Satellite and HD radios continue to be soft. People want radio in the portable devices that they actually carry.


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bubba.jpg Bubba the Love Sponge Returns to Free Radio and the Internet starting January 8th.

One of radio’s biggest bad boys will take over morning drive on WHPT-102.5 FM (The Bone) in Tampa and WFYV-104.5 FM in Jacksonville, hosting a show from 6am to 10am. After which he will also broadcast a second live show (same day) on Sirius Satellite — Howard 101 from 3-7pm ET.

Bubba fans who own a Windows Mobile Smartphone with data plan will be able to listen to Bubba each morning in their car. They will find a link to Buba’s show on TalkStreamLive.mobi M-F 6am-10am ET.

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Here are directions on how to connect a Smartphone to a car radio to enhance listening to Internet radio while driving.  A more costly connection is Bluetooth Audio, but if you are not ready to buy a new car stereo this is an inexpensive solution.
I wanted to play around with something new for my Q (Smartphone), so I decided to take a shot at using it as an audio source thru my vehicle’s stereo. I purchased:
 2201859402838080_1.jpg 1) an OEM Motorola (p/n SKN 6183) adapter for the 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack—ebay $5.62 shipped!! http://search.ebay.com/search/search…&fsop=1&fsoo=1
(I believe Radio Shack has their own branded adapter for $10)
 std1_f8v235-06.jpg 2) a Belkin 3.5mm to RCA cable http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProdu…duct_Id=148894—$4.86 at Wal-mart


3700088659748080_1.jpg *3) auxiliary input adapter for my Pioneer car stereo (connects to IP-BUS back side of stereo)—ebay $10 shipped *This item is not needed if your car or home stereo already has RCA inputs.

Now I can connect my Q (Smartphone) to my car stereo and voila!! I am now streaming cd quality audio through TCPMP to my car stereo for just over $20 in parts!! Not to mention being able to play any music on my storage card.



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