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Use the SocNets

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Use the SocNets to alert your followers and your followers’ followers.

Time spent online and time spent listening to talk radio is complementary. It is an activity that you can encourage by sharing information with your social networks. On your host’s page at Talk Stream Live you will find some social networking features that enable you to share your live show information. Near the top of the page you will see the Twitter logo. Clicking on this button will open up your Twitter home page and auto generate the following text that you can edit and send to your followers:
photo (2)


Your Talk Show @yourTalkShow is streaming LIVE right now! http://www.talkstreamlive.com/ please retweet


echologo (1)
On left hand side you will see a Communicate feature powered by Echo. You and your guests can sign-in through Twitter, Facebook and other SocNets to post messages, pics and YouTube links. Your messages posted here will also be posted “echoed” to your followers.

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