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Ranks Most Popular Paranormal Shows, Stations & Podcasts

Paranormal Radio has released “The Paranormal 13” — A ranking of the 13 most popular paranormal streaming shows, stations and podcasts listed at Talk Stream Live’s Paranormal Radio platform channels and apps. Programs featuring Paranormal Phenomenon, The Supernatural, Space, UFOs, ETs, Ghosts, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy Theories and the Unexplained are all part of our annual rankings’ report.

The Paranormal 13 — Top Shows:
1 Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
2 Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
3 Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott
4 Fade to Black with Jimmy Church
5 Ark, Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells
6 The Conspiracy Show
7 Richard C Hoagland The Other Side of Midnight
8 Dark Waters
9 Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland
10 The Other Side of the News
11 Infinite Plane Society with Tim Ozman
12 Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott
13 Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg

The Paranormal 13 — Top Stations:
1 Art Bell U7 Radio
2 KGRA Radio
3 The UN X Network
4 The Fringe FM
5 Art Bell All Day Radio
6 Truth Frequency Radio
7 The X Files Network
8 Paranormal UK Radio
9 Best of Ground Zero Radio
10 The VARA Network
11 Roswell UFO Radio
12 Para X Radio
13 Midnight FM

The Paranormal 13 — Top Podcasts:
1 Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott
2 Paranormal UK Radio
3 Bigfoot Terror in the Woods
4 Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
5 Dreamland The Edge of the World with Whitley Strieber
6 Behind The Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno
7 Belief Hole Podcast
8 Infinite Plane Society with Tim Ozman
9 Astonishing Legends by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess
10 Believe Paranormal & UFO Podcast
11 Where Did The Road Go
12 Strange Familiars
13 American Hauntings Podcast

*Congratulations to the Most Popular Shows, Stations and Podcasts Ranked Here on our Paranormal Radio Streaming Platforms!

Survey Period: 2022
Paranormal Radio’s “The Paranormal 13” report tracks paranormal streaming talk shows, stations and podcasts through TSL’s Paranormal Radio streaming online platform channels, apps, and gadgets. The ranking is based exclusively on the shows, stations and podcasts that are listed on Paranormal.RadioWebsite iOS App Android App

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