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Paranormal Radio App

Paranormal Radio App


Paranormal Radio has released “The Paranormal 13” – the 13 most popular paranormal shows and stations. UFO’s, ETs, Ghosts, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy Theories, Supernatural, Strange Phenomenon and the Unexplained are all part of this inaugural and annual streaming report that recognizes the top-performing Paranormal shows and stations that are listed with Talk Stream Live’s Paranormal Radio platform channels and apps.


The Paranormal 13 – Top Shows:

  1. Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
  2. Fade To Black with Jimmy Church
  3. Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
  4. The Other Side of Midnight with Richard C Hoagland
  5. The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade
  6. Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott
  7. The X Zone with Rob McConnell
  8. Dark Waters
  9. Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland
  10. Midnight in the Desert with David Schrader
  11. Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara
  12. Ark Midnight with John B Wells
  13. After Hours AM

The Paranormal 13 – Top Stations:

  1. Art Bell All Day Radio
  2. KGRA The Planet
  3. Dark Matter Digital
  4. The Fringe FM
  5. Truth Frequency Radio
  6. Advent Radio
  7. X Files Network
  8. Paranormal UK Radio
  9. Pine Radio
  10. Anomaly Radio
  11. Roswell UFO Radio
  12. Para X Radio
  13. WCET FM

Survey Period: (10-31-2018 through 10-30-2019)
Sample Size: 8 Million listening sessions

Paranormal Radio’s “The Paranormal 13” top shows and stations report tracks streaming talk shows through our website, channels, apps and gadgets. This report only ranks the talk shows and stations that are listed at Paranormal Radio: https://paranormal.talkstreamlive.com/





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