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Use the SocNets

TRip News – Tips and tools for talk show hosts to build their internet radio community!

Use the SocNets to alert your followers and your followers’ followers.

Time spent online and time spent listening to talk radio is complementary. It is an activity that you can encourage by sharing information with your social networks. On your host’s page at Talk Stream Live you will find some social networking features that enable you to share your live show information. Near the top of the page you will see the Twitter logo. Clicking on this button will open up your Twitter home page and auto generate the following text that you can edit and send to your followers:
photo (2)


Your Talk Show @yourTalkShow is streaming LIVE right now! http://www.talkstreamlive.com/ please retweet


echologo (1)
On left hand side you will see a Communicate feature powered by Echo. You and your guests can sign-in through Twitter, Facebook and other SocNets to post messages, pics and YouTube links. Your messages posted here will also be posted “echoed” to your followers.

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Springfield, NJ (PRWEB) April 8, 2010 — Talk Stream Live™ The Dynamic Directory of the most popular and emerging talk radio shows streaming on the internet is now available on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad through their new app “Mobile Talk Radio.”

The app lists and ranks talk shows by popularity. As one show ends a new show begins and takes its place on the list. This app enables users to take talk radio with them wherever they go.

You can read about here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/04/prweb3842204.htm

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Paranormal Radio

 New on TalkStreamLive!


Tune in M-F from 9pm to Midnight Eastern to hear “live” Paranormal Radio.   News of UFOs, aliens, ghosts and everything strange is discussed nightly with guest experts and with your host Captain Jack.

Check it out Paranormal Radio is #1 on TalkStreamLive.mobi



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Frank of Queens and John from Staten Island Interview Alan Keyes.

NYC’s Most Dangerous Callers to Talk Radio now take your phone calls and discuss issues from THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE!

If you are interested in having an interview on The Right Perspective contact the NewsGuy.

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Rush makes room at the top for Savage. 

This month’s report has Michael Savage on the rise to a one share point difference with #1 Rush Limbaugh. As the once heir apparent Sean Hannity continues to sing a flat country 4 share, Savage now looks like the only contender for the “prestigious Attila the Hun Chair” of Talk Radio. Also, Glenn Beck picks up three tenths for a bankable 6.5 share. And Laura Ingraham sitting pretty on a solid 5.1 share.


  1  Rush Limbaugh   9.2
  2  Michael Savage   8.2 
  3  Glenn Beck  6.5
  4  Laura Ingraham  5.1
  5  Sean Hannity  4.0
  6  MANCOW  3.4
  7  George Noory  2.7
  8  Bill O’Reilly  2.6
  9  Neal Boortz  2.2
10  Dennis Miller  2.1
11  Dr. Laura  1.6
12  Bill Bennett  1.2
13  Mark Levin  1.1
14  Dennis Prager 0.9
15  Michael Medved  0.9
16  Art Bell  0.7
17  Adam Carolla  0.7
18  Randi Rhodes  0.7
19  The Right Perspective  0.6
20  Curtis and Kuby  0.6
21  Bill Handel  0.6
22  Dave Ramsey  0.6
23  Mike Gallagher  0.6
24  Bob and Tom  0.6
25  Jim Rome  0.5

Survey Period:  9/1/2007 – 11/30/2007  (September, October & November)

Unique Pageviews
Sample Size: 55,144
Source: TalkStreamLive.com

The data used to produce this report measures Internet streaming listenership of Talk Radio from the web site TalkStreamLive.com. The listener stats from TalkStreamLive.mobi (our mobile site) are not included in this report. Your methodology and conclusions may differ – Use at your own risk.

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Mobile Internet Radio

I can listen to an unlimited number of “live” Internet radio stations in my car from anywhere in the world. Free!

This is what you need to get Mobile Internet Radio into your car:

1.  A Windows Mobile Smartphone. (I have the Motorola Q with data plan)
2.  A car radio with Bluetooth Audio (Pioneer DEH-P9800BT pictured above)
3.  TalkStreamLive.mobi

Now any audio that is streaming on my Smartphone will source to my car’s speaker system.  The sound quality is good to excellent and dependent on the quality of the digital streams originating from the stations. Most Talk Shows stream around 32kbs and Music from 64 to 128kbs.

TalkStreamLive.mobi  makes selecting a program easy; by displaying only the programs that are “live” and ranking them by popularity.  Bookmark TalkStreamLive.mobi on your Smartphone for links to Talk Radio Shows, News, Sports, and Music.

You now have portable Internet radio. 

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Without breaking a sweat, Michael Savage squarely lands a surprise full share and a half wallop knocking Glenn Beck to 3rd place. This summer fight has been somewhat entertaining and now it’s officially over.

Michael Savage retains his ranking as the 2nd most listened to Talk Radio host on the Internet.

We are tracking 1,145 streaming Talk Radio shows and programs. 


Dennis Miller is mixing it up with George Noory for 7th place.  Developing.*



  1  Rush Limbaugh   10.7
  2  Michael Savage   7.9  
  3  Glenn Beck  6.6
  4  Sean Hannity  5.1
  5  Laura Ingraham  4.2
  6  MANCOW  3.7
  7  George Noory  3.0
  8  Dennis Miller  3.0
  9  Neal Boortz  2.4
10  Bill O’Reilly  1.9
11  Dr. Laura  1.8
12  Mark Levin  1.4
13  Bill Bennett  1.3
14  The Right Perspective  1.1
15  Jerry Doyle  1.0
16  G. Gordon Liddy  0.9
17  Tammy Bruce  0.8
18  Michael Medved  0.7
19  Dr. Joy Brown  0.7
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.7
21  Dave Ramsey  0.6
22  Art Bell  0.6
23  Bill Handel  0.6
24  Dennis Prager 0.5
25  Randi Rhodes  0.5

Survey Period:  6/1/2007 – 8/31/2007 (June, July & August)
Unique Listeners
Sample Size: 56,016
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


Go ahead re-publish this – please link or mention the source: TalkStreamLive.com

* Borrowed from Matt Drudge. 😉 

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The Streaming Talk Radio Report from TalkStreamLive.com tracks the top 25 Talk Shows that are streaming on the Internet.

The report is published every month and passively tracks listening habits over the previous three month period. Talk Shows are ranked by popularity and an audience share rating is determined.

We only track “unique page views” –only clicks that are generated by the same user during the same session. (For obvious reasons this report discards multiple clicks by users to the same Talk Show).

Top 10 Talk Radio Audiences
The audience projection is produced using US adult 18+ censes figures that are adjusted for radio listenership and share percentages from the TalkStreamLive.com Internet Talk Radio Reports.

Frees Media is a media buying service in business for over ten years. We specialize in Radio, TV and Outdoor advertising as well as Audio streaming advertising on the Internet. Call us for Store Support and new product launches. 

We hope you benifit by our reasearch.

Contact: bfrees@gmail.com

Phone: 973-564-7200

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Michael Savage vs. Glenn Beck – Round 2. We are witnessing two titans of Talk Radio battle for 2nd place. This month’s report has the Savage Nation up by 1 tenth of a share.

Dennis Miller makes the long climb up the list and is now in the top 10.

Homer’s Iliad calls him “Zeus or Rush Limbaugh who thunders on high.”


Who is Lars Larson?

  1  Rush Limbaugh   11.9
  2  Michael Savage   7.2
  3  Glenn Beck  7.1
  4  Sean Hannity  6.0
  5  MANCOW  4.4
  6  Laura Ingraham  4.1
  7  George Noory  3.4
  8  Neal Boortz  2.6
  9  Dennis Miller  2.5
10  Dr. Laura  2.2
11  Bill O’Reilly  2.1
12  Mark Levin  1.5
13  Bill Bennett  1.3
14  Jerry Doyle  1.2
15  The Right Perspective  1.1
16  Tammy Bruce  1.0
17  G. Gordon Liddy  0.8
18  Art Bell  0.8
19  Michael Medved  0.8
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.7
21  Matt Drudge  0.7
22  Bill Handel  0.6
23  Lars Larson  0.6
24  Curtis and Kuby  0.6
25  Dave Ramsey  0.6

Unique Listeners
Survey Period:  5/1/2007 – 7/31/2007 (May, June & July)
Sample Size: 46,636
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


Permission to re-publish or broadcast along with source credit – link or mention of: TalkStreamLive.com

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Glenn Beck and Michael Savage battle for 2nd place. Statistically too close to call for this report – the difference is less than 1 tenth of a percent share.  

Sean Hannity improves by 5 tenths to stay with the leaders.

Dennis Miller moves to within 1 tenth of Bill O’Reilly.

Rush Limbaugh remains the undisputed King of Talk Radio.


Diamond in the rough – The Right Perspective – improves its ranking to number 15 on the list of the most listened to Talk Radio Shows on the Internet. Frank of Queens and John from Staten Island host one of the most compelling and original political Talk Radio Shows. Documented: some of the most profound conservative insights expressed on Talk Radio originate here. A must listen.

Second Quarter 2007


 1   Rush Limbaugh   11.0
 2   Glenn Beck  6.6
 3   Michael Savage   6.5
 4   Sean Hannity  5.9
 5   MANCOW  4.7
 6   Laura Ingraham  4.2
 7   George Noory  3.4
 8   Neal Boortz  2.7
 9   Dr. Laura  2.4
10  Bill O’Reilly  2.2
11  Dennis Miller  2.1
12  Mark Levin  1.5
13  Bill Bennett  1.2
14  Jerry Doyle  1.0
15  The Right Perspective  1.0
16  Adam Carolla  0.9
17  G. Gordon Liddy  0.9
18  Michael Medved  0.9
19  Tammy Bruce  0.8
20  Hugh Hewitt  0.8
21  Jim Rome  0.7
22  Art Bell  0.7
23  Mike Gallagher  0.7
24  Drudge  0.7
25  Dave Ramsey  0.6

Unique Listeners
Survey Period:  4/1/2007 – 6/30/2007 (April, May & June)
Sample Size: 50,201
Source: TalkStreamLive.com


This report is OK to publish or broadcast along with credit source – link or mention of: TalkStreamLive.com

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